Artist in Residence Program

Expressiones Cultural Center, a non-profit based in New London, Connecticut, offers an enriching 8-week residency for Latin American artists. Situated in a vibrant community between New York and Boston, this residency is designed to foster cultural exchange and artistic growth.

The residency offered by Expressiones is unique in the sense that the artist does not come to develop, away from the world, a per-conceived work. Here, however, the artist will be introduced to the local community, having the opportunity to interact with it and be a cultural ambassador of his country of origin. 

Expressiones provides at no cost a furnished workshop apartment with all services for the duration of the residency, in addition to the groceries that the artist requires. At the end of the residency the artist will have a personal exhibition in our gallery space and will be able to show the work he has developed during the approximately eight weeks of his stay. Additionally, the artist will be able to collaborate with our community by providing art workshops to our children.

Artists engage with the local community, becoming cultural ambassadors.

At the residency's conclusion, artists showcase their work in a personal exhibition at the center's gallery, sharing their cultural perspectives. 

Artists lead art workshops for local children, promoting artistic expression and cultural understanding. 

Application Process has not cost: 

Please send an email to: indicating your interest in the program. 

*Submit an artist overview, statement, project proposal, portfolio, CV/resume, references, community engagement plan, and acknowledge material responsibilities. 

Expressiones' residency not only nurtures artistic development but also fosters cultural exchange, enriching both artists and the local community.