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In a harmonious blend of inspiration and education, Expressiones Cultural Center is proud to showcase the culmination of months of artistic exploration through its after-school art program. This innovative initiative has been an enchanting collaboration between the Expressiones and the The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of New London, bringing the colorful world of art to the heart of the community. The latest installment of this creative odyssey focused on the reinterpretation of the renowned artist Roger Beers, whose retrospective exhibition currently graces the walls of Expressiones Cultural Center. Our young participants, eager minds from New London, embarked on a journey of artistic discovery as they delved into the life and emotions woven into Beers' masterpieces. This isn't just an art program; it's a celebration of imagination, a symphony of colors and forms that have come alive under the guidance of dedicated instructors. The children, after immersing themselves in the exhibition, were given the liberty to select a piece and breathe life into their own interpretation. The process has been nothing short of intense, yet undeniably fun, spanning several months of learning and creating. Concepts of color, form, harmony, line, and composition became the building blocks for the young artists as they crafted their unique visions. The result is a collection of works that not only pay homage to Beers but also stand as testaments to the kaleidoscope of perspectives that art can inspire. "Art is about freedom—freedom to dream, to interpret, to express. Our program is a platform for these young minds to spread their artistic wings and let their imagination soar," remarked José Garaycochea, executive director at Expressiones Cultural Center in New London. The free ongoing art program is a testament to Expressiones's commitment to providing a nurturing space where creativity flourishes. In collaboration with The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of New London, this initiative has become a beacon of artistic exploration, transcending the boundaries of traditional education. Children participating in the program attend New London schools: Jennings, Isaac, Nathan Hale, Winthrop, MMRS. Esmeralda Ayala, Camila Agosto, Yamila Agosto, Jahki Barns, Aleshliany Candelario, Alexiany Candelario, Alexis Candelario, Edward Chica, Nelly Chica, Dariel Coronado, Joaquin Bueno, Noah Gonzalez, Mia Lituma, Sofia Lituma, Aniyah Lora, Wilmer Martinez, Damian Ocampo, Fatima Ortiz, Wander Ortiz, Jairam Peralta, Jeirem Peralta, Jesuam Peralta, Genesis Ramos, Edwin Ramos, Berthaliz Rivera, Adriana Rosario, Kendra Santiago, Kenneth Santiago, Keyshlian Santiago, Krystal Torres, Nicole Valverde, Rey Rivera, Ambar Mejias, Emireth Fiat, Luis Fiat, Britany Insuasti, Klever Robles, Leilani Rolon, Angelo Rodriguez, Michael Rodriguez, Tizziana Izaguirre, Isaac Cortorreal, Kareem Herrera, Alissah Vargas.

  • Date: 12/1/2023 07:00 PM
  • Location 84 Bank Street, New London, CT, USA (Map)