Field Trip to MoMA in New York

On a bright and sunny morning in New London, a group of excited kids from Boys & Girls Club in New London at The Salvation Army and Expressiones, accompanied by their teachers and chaperones, made their way to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City. They were headed to see the latest exhibition, "Pinocchio: A Tale of Animated Art," which featured a wide variety of artwork inspired by the classic story of the wooden puppet who longs to become a real boy.

As they explored the exhibition, the children were captivated by the colorful incredible puppets, intricate customs, and Pinocchio’s scenography, and all the vibrant animations that brought Pinocchio's world to life. They marveled at the skill and creativity of the artists who had created these works, and they eagerly discussed what they saw with their classmates and teachers.

For many of these kids, this trip to the MoMA was their first exposure to the world of art beyond what they might have seen in their classrooms, homes or during our weekly art workshops with Expressiones. It was a chance to see firsthand the power of creativity and imagination, and to realize that art is not just something that exists in books or on screens, but something that can be experienced and appreciated in the real world.

The field trip was also a part of a larger project named "Puppets", which aimed to promote art education and cultural awareness among young people in New London. By giving our kids the opportunity to visit one of the most prestigious museums in the world and see the work of some of the most talented artists of our time, this initiative helped to broaden their horizons and inspire them to think creatively and critically about the world around them.

In short, the field trip to the MoMA exhibition of Pinocchio was a truly meaningful experience for these kids, one that they will likely remember for years to come. It exposed them to the beauty and diversity of the art world, and helped to foster a love and appreciation for creativity and imagination that will serve them well throughout their lives.