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Join us this July 7th at 6 PM for a captivating artist talk and reception as we welcome “HOT TRIBUTE” an exhibit highlighting one of our current AIR (Artist in Residency) from Perú, Ramón Ostolaza and his last body of work.

  • Date: 7/7/2023 06:00 PM - 7/7/2023 08:00 PM
  • Location 84 Bank Street, New London, CT, USA (Map)
  • More Info: Expressiones gallery


Ramón invites us to embark on a nostalgic journey with his latest series of prints titled Hot TRIBUTE. Transporting us back half a century to the vibrant streets of Lima-Perú, his artworks evoke memories of a bygone era when brightly colored posters and pop art adorned the walls of his childhood home. In those days, the collective known as HOT left an indelible mark on the artistic landscape, with Emilio Hernandez, Victor Ostolaza (Ramón's father), and José Tang working diligently on the rooftop of Ramón's home in Lima. The remnants of their creative endeavors remained in the artist's family for years, acting as his initial introduction to the captivating world of art. 

The passing of Ramón's father brought him face to face with three incomplete sketches for posters, which served as the catalyst for his profound fascination with that period. Drawing inspiration from the icons that held personal significance for him during those times, Ramón meticulously transforms them into posters reminiscent of the artistic style of yesteryear. This exhibition not only serves as a joyous reunion with a past that he holds so dear, but also stands as a heartfelt tribute to his father and his comrades who blazed a trail that Ramón now confidently follows. In honoring their legacy, Ramón's art acts as a bridge between generations, connecting the rich artistic heritage of the past with the vibrant present and current digital technology.  

Guido Garaycochea, Expressiones curator 

 Artist’s Statement 

 This series of prints takes me back 50 years to when I lived in Magdalena and brightly colored posters and pop art adorned the walls at home. In those years, the collective called HOT created posters of the popular icons of those days; Emilio Hernandez, Victor Ostolaza (my dad) and José Tang worked on the roof of my house in Magdalena and much of their work material remained with my family for years. Those people, their works and materials were my first contact with the world of art. 

When my father died, I received three sketches for posters that were unfinished. It is from these sketches and my fascination with those years, that I choose icons of that time that are important for me and turn them into posters like the ones of those years. This exhibition is a reunion with a past that I feel so close to me, and a tribute to my father and his friends, who paved the way that I now follow.  

Ramón Ostolaza, Expressiones AIR