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El Proyecto del Pez puts many techniques together masterfully united by Carlos' imagination giving life to characters. This installation is composed of more than one hundred and fifty quilt pieces, joined, colored, designed to provide the viewer with a unique experience. Guido Garaycochea-curator. “I believe in the cathartic power of storytelling and art making which provides an opportunity to share perspectives with people of diverse backgrounds. A theme in my art is absurdity, caused by a constant awareness of the socio-political conditions and attitudes of humankind. This project is a response to the fragmentation and polarization we are experiencing because of the double Pandemic of socio-political tensions and the current health crisis. Proyecto del Pez encourages participants to be rigorously aware, always observing, searching for beauty, kindness, the struggles of good and band, justice, bias, joy, pain and realizing gratitude and realization of the fragility of our environment, our blessings, relationships and that we are stewards of our planet, our community and ourselves”. Carlos Biernnay The exhibition will be open to the public by appointment until July 30. Guided tours by the artist can be arranged in advance. email:

  • Date: 7/2/2022 06:30 PM
  • Location 84 Bank Street, New London, CT, USA (Map)
  • More Info: Expressiones building