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CONTRASTES April 15 – May 15, 2023

  • Date: 4/15/2023 06:00 PM
  • Location 84 Bank Street, New London, CT, USA (Map)
  • More Info: Expressiones Cultural Center Inc.


Honduran Artist Shines Light on Nature Degradation and Wildfires in New Exhibition.

Marcio Arteaga Expressiones, Artist in Residence from Honduras, is set to debut his latest exhibition, "Contrastes/Contrasts," on April 15, 2023, at Expressiones Cultural Center at 6:00 PM. The exhibition features a stunning collection of landscape paintings that showcase the effects of climate change, wildfires, and environmental degradation in Honduras' natural landscapes.

As a native of Honduras, Marcio has witnessed the devastating impact of climate change and wildfires firsthand. His paintings reflect his passion for nature and his concern for the environment. Using a combination of vivid colors and striking imagery highlights the fragility of the natural world and urges viewers to take action.

"The body of works showcased in this exhibition are not just beautiful works of art; they represent a call to action," says Guido Garaycochea, Expressiones co-founder and curator, "We are thrilled to showcase the work of such a talented artist who is using his art to raise awareness about important environmental issues."

"Contrastes" is a must-see exhibition for anyone who cares about the environment and wants to learn more about the impact of climate change on Honduras.