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“Walkabout - New London” An Exhibit by Iliana Scheggia AIR from Perú Opening Reception Friday, July 28th. 6:00 PM. “Places become a kind of machine through which new states of consciousness are acquired.” Franco La Cecla With a profound focus on the architecture of space and her intimate relationship with the urban landscape, Scheggia's body of work on clay, breathes life into abstract questions that linger at the core of our existence. Drawing inspiration from the fluidity of geometry, each work serves as a portal to contemplation, where the viewer is invited to embark on a journey of self-discovery and heightened consciousness. Join us in this transcendent encounter, where each piece unveils the profound transformation of New London’s identity, wrapped in the eloquence of geometry and the artistic finesse of Iliana’s work. “Traveling and exploring cities to get in contact with their people and their surroundings opens me into a new state of consciousness. This movement challenges me to face diverse worlds and, into this cultural exchange, my perception and construction of the world is transformed. I’ve been doing Artist in Residence programs since 2012 and found this is a perfect way to get in contact with other communities. Sometimes, if you are lucky, become part of them and return more than once. These experiences enrich my way of thinking and break down barriers making my universe bigger. Walkabout is a project where I explore the cartography of the chosen places and transform these patterns into ceramic pieces which, due to their primitive appearance, are reminiscent of rock carvings or petroglyphs as ancient peoples did in their need to configure space and find themselves in it. In addition, I also find some detail that identifies the city; in New London it was the sound. My work revolves around the construction of space and how we relate to it. I've always been attracted to the nature of Universe, how it is configured and what is my function within it; where you are from; what is beyond the visible. I use geometry as a way to abstract these questions.” Iliana Scheggia

  • Date: 7/28/2023 06:00 PM - 8/5/2023 06:40 PM
  • Location 84 Bank Street, New London, CT, USA (Map)